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is an organization dedicated to provide a platform for public contribution in society building and create a ready pool of individuals that can be mass stimulated to act promptly and effectively in natural and man-made disasters. Bachground
The devastating earthquake of October, 8,2005 has wreaked havoc in the country. The magnitude of destruction both in terms of life and property has been unprecedented in the history of Pakistan. However, the sympathy and practical support extended to the victims of earthquake is living proof of the courage and dynamism. There has been a tremendous outpouring of sympathy and Pakistanis from all over the world have offered their support to their brothers and sisters in need. In addition to the financial support, thousand of volunteers both individuals and representing social and political groups have converged on the areas affected by the disaster in order to offer their services and support in the relief activities. It has been realized that the absence of and establishment capable of streamlining and organizing the volunteers has resulted in the failure to utilize their enormous potential in support of the relief operations. Volunteers are now effectively contributing to the ongoing relief operations in the areas. Volunteers are now operating in the disaster affected areas in an unorganized manner without effectively contributing to the ongoing relief operations in the areas. It is also creating the sense of despondency and discouragement among them. Majority of volunteers belong to extremist group. In the existing state of affairs, it is crucial that the volunteers should be organized to effetely utilize their potential. The immediate objective of this exercise shall be governmental agencies involved in the relief and rescue operations. The Government of Pakistan established an organization to be called National Volunteer Movement on November 1, 2005.


Mission Statement
To provide a platform for public participation in community building and create a ready pool of individuals that can be mass mobilized to act swiftly and effectively in natural and man-made disaster. Activities
NVM played laudable role in provision of volunteers to the Army, NGOs and other agencies in their rescue and relief efforts in the earthquake stricken areas. Currently, NVM is engaged in reconstruction and rehabilitation process in selected areas of NWFP (District Mansehra) and AJK (District Muzzafarabad) with the help of partner NGOs and local governments. Our major thrust is on social sector rebuilding, environmental up-gradation and livelihood regeneration of the earthquake bettered zone. Capacity building of the local communities as first responders to emergencies and promotion of tradition of self help & Self reliance are the hallmark of our strategies. In order to rekindle the spirit of self-help and reinvigorate the local government institutions for their proactive role in improving the civic life of the people specially those on the edges, the NVM has contemplated many peace time initiatives for gradual launch throughout the country.

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